The Milwaukee LGBT Community Center is dedicated to serving the needs of LGBTQ people and to making the Greater Milwaukee area safer and more inclusive. We focus on anti-violence, healthy relationships, counseling, Youth & Elder Adult programming and more. Our Center’s resources include a lending library with over 2000 LGBT titles, meeting space for over 100 groups during the year, computer/internet access and referrals.


Mission & Values

Our Mission

The mission of the Milwaukee LGBT Community Center is to further develop our vibrant lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender community in the greater Milwaukee area, thus improving the quality of life for all of us. The mission is supported by the Center’s leadership in community building, health promotion, advocacy, and communications.

Our Values

The Milwaukee LGBT Community Center believes in the goodness of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people. As an organization, the Center seeks to foster community development and agency partnerships. The Center values leadership, both formal and informal, and it supports responsibility and accountability among individuals and organizations. To achieve its mission, the Center acknowledges the value of diversity and inclusion and of proactive and responsive communications. The Center understands that the LGBT community’s long-term quality of life requires the Center to prosper financially and develop organizationally to meet community needs.

Service Statement

The Milwaukee LGBT Community Center delivers educational, health promotion and community-building services that meet the needs of LGBT youth, adults and their allies in the Greater Milwaukee area from its primary facility and other sites. The Center programs are developed with a consideration of community need, diversity and inclusivity, community development, availability of resources and the Center’s mission and vision.

Confidentiality Statement

We have a commitment to protect its client’s rights and privacy. All employees — paid staff, non-paid staff, volunteers and those compensated by other sources are bound by law (Wisconsin State Mental Health Act, ss. 51.00) as well as the Milwaukee LGBT Community Center’s policy to protect the privacy of Center clients. In addition, professional persons are bound by their code of ethics to develop and exercise sound professional judgment in protecting client confidentiality. The Center’s policy dictates that client information is released only with the written consent of the client and/or legal guardian. The State Mental Health Act enumerates certain special circumstances in which the Center may release records to third parties without the client’s written consent (e.g., management and financial audits, research purposes, accreditation and/or approval surveys.) Third parties granted access to records for legitimate purposes are not excused from the obligation of confidentiality in regard to client information and will be expected to verify their intention to protect client privacy by their signature on the Center’s Confidentiality Statement form.


Hours & Directions

The Center is located in the historic Blatz Boiler House at Market Street and Highland Avenue, near the Milwaukee School of Engineering campus. The entrance is located off the courtyard to the north of the building. Visitors to the Center are encouraged to use the parking spots marked with the Center’s old logo along Market Street.



1110 N Market St, Second Floor
Milwaukee, WI 53202
Phone: 414.271.2656
Fax: 414.271.2161

Hours of Operation

Monday through Thursday 11:00am – 7:30pm, Friday 11:00am – 5:00pm

Open select weekend hours for scheduled group sessions only.


Success Stories

Whatever your age, whatever your interests, whatever your identity and orientation, there’s a place for you at the Center. The testimonies below prove that and we couldn’t be more proud.

As a gay senior, the Center is the perfect place to expand my network of friends. It’s also great to be at a place where we’re connecting with kids who are still sorting things out. I find it energizing and I think it’s good for the young people to interact with older folks who have struggled with the same issues many of them are experiencing…and then some…but have managed to build happy lives.” ~Jai Brett

When I was coming out, Project Q was a tremendous resource for me. Having a safe space and supportive community helped me overcome persona challenges and build confidence. The Center helped me become the person I am today.” ~Michael Raisler 

“As someone who cares about LGBT people who need help, I think supporting the Center is essential. And besides that, the TGIF parties are a blast! They bring together a very diverse mix of LGBT professionals – people I would probably have never met otherwise who are now my friends.” ~John Cassanos

“My coming out process happened relatively late in my life, and I was worried how it would affect my family. Through the Center, I got to know other people in the same situation who had made successful transitions. Their support helped me tremendously. Today I’m at the Center because I want to help other people who are facing challenges.” ~Andy Vila

“What originally brought me to the Center was my need for a social and support group to help me and my then spouse to develop an understanding of my gender identity issues and work through our feelings…The Center provides a safe space to meet that is affordable to the transgender community, many of whom have underpaying jobs or none whatsoever. It also affords a place for other LGBT community groups that I work with such as Lesbian Alliance, Forge and Women Out to Brunch, to meet and connect.” ~Valery Jean Meyer

“After I came out in high school, there were times when I was homeless. The people at Project Q helped me find housing and feel safe. Now I’m going to college because of the help from the staff and volunteers there who supported me.” ~Robert (Robbie) Moore



Our dedicated and experienced team all have a passion for building and strengthening the LGBTQ Community. Our team is here for you. To get a staff member’s email address, click on their name below.

Amy Orta
Executive Director

Natalie Zanoni, LPC, SAC
Director of Programs & Compliance


Deidra Williams
Youth Program Coordinator


Jamie Erdheim, M.Ed.
she/her/hers or they/them/theirs
Youth Advocate

Alex Corona
Transgender Resource Coordinator

Christie Carter, M.Ed.
Older Adults Program Coordinator


Henri Morgan
Facilities & Volunteer Coordinator


Sandra Zapata
Counseling & Advocacy Coordinator

Sydney Borden, LPC-IT
Youth Counselor/Advocate

Dominick Reed

Accounting Department

Katie Obbink
Volunteer Librarian


Board of Directors

The Board of Directors meets every other month at 6 pm. Please visit our Events Calendar for specific dates. Meetings are held at the MKE LGBT Community Center, 2nd floor. Members and guests are welcome. Member comments are welcomed at each meeting.


Board Members

The Board of Directors is comprised of thoughtful and distinguished community leaders who are responsible for oversight of the organization’s operations and guiding The Center’s long-term strategic planning. They provide guidance, governance, and key fundraising support to help build and strengthen Milwaukee’s LGBTQ community.


  • Nick Morgan, Ox Optimal, Inc. (Board Chair)

  • Elena Dominguez, Pilz Automation Safety (Vice Chair)

  • Kevin Flaherty, PNC Bank (Treasurer)

  • Ned Witte, Godfrey & Kahn, S.C. (Secretary)

DIRECTORS (listed alphabetically)

  • Barbara Richards, Retired Educator

  • Blake McKinney, The Jay Schmidt Group, Keller Williams

  • Caitlin Cullen, Chef/Owner, Tandem Restaurant

  • Camille Ridgeway, Office of Chris Abele

  • Jarvis Racine, Herzing University

  • Jenny Gropp, Woodland Pattern Book Center

  • John Greene, i5 Consulting, LLC

  • Katherine Georgeson, Orchestra Design Studio

  • Lisa Moy, Moy Creative

  • Marco Briceno, Starr Group

  • Natasha Lorenzen, Astro Tool & Die Co.

  • Steve McArthur, Byline Bank

  • Tony Snell Rodriguez, City of Milwaukee Equal Rights Commission

  • Vincent Withers, Aurora Health Care


Center Partners

Since its inception, the Milwaukee LGBT Community Center has always sought to provide a home for the birth, nurturance and celebration of LGBT organizations and groups. And still today, the Center strives to further develop our vibrant community through thoughtful leadership, community building and strong partnerships. Some of its most solid partnerships are with the LGBT organizations that are also tenants of the Center.


414.272.4032 | Email
Since 1920, the ACLU has been the nation’s guardian of liberty, working daily in courts, legislatures and communities to defend and preserve the individual rights and liberties that the Constitution and laws of the United States guarantee everyone in this country. The ACLU is best known for litigation efforts as the country’s largest public interest law organization; many of the ACLU’s ground-breaking cases have changed lives and made history.


The AIDS Resource Center of Wisconsin is home to the ARCW Medical Center – Wisconsin’s largest and fastest growing HIV health care system. Through its integrated medical, dental and mental health clinics along with its pharmacy and dedicated social services that include food pantries, a legal program, and social work case management, more than 3,300 HIV patients in Wisconsin gain the health care and social services they need for long-term survival with HIV disease from ARCW.


At Diverse & Resilient, we see a future where lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender people in Wisconsin thrive, living healthy, satisfying lives in safe, supportive communities. Our long-term objective is to eliminate health disparities between LGBT people and the general population, as measured by commonly accepted indicators of physical and mental health


This national transgender education and advocacy organization also provides direct support and information for transgender individuals, professionals, and SOFFAs (Significant Others, Friends, Family and Allies) in Milwaukee, WI. FORGE serves the broad range of ALL transgender and SOFFA individuals, with a historic emphasis on transmasculine/FTM+/SOFFA individuals.


This volunteer-run organization strives to provide opportunities for women who love women in the Milwaukee Area. Lesbian Alliance has an office at the Center and also meets here for its game and movie nights. The alliance includes Women’s Voices Milwaukee that practices at the Center every Tuesday at 7pm.


414.964.2565 • Email
Pathfinders empowers youth in crisis to make positive life choices, providing some of the Milwaukee area’s most comprehensive programming for youth in crisis, through housing & shelter, education, family engagement and youth empowerment.


414.299.9198 (please leave a message)
Parents, Families and Friends of Lesbians and Gays (PFLAG) is a national network of support groups throughout the country to provide support for parents and lesbian, gay and transgender loved ones. The Milwaukee chapter of PFLAG meets to talk freely and exchange stories, to help each other when problems arise, and to grow in their understanding and acceptance of LGBT family members and friends. Though its main office is housed in the Center, PFLAG-Milwaukee meets on the third Sunday of each month, August through May, and the fourth Sunday in June from 5:00 to 7:15 P.M. at Martin Luther Church, 9235 W. Bluemound Road in Wauwatosa. PFLAG has no meetings in July.


Part of the Summer of Festivals that occur in Milwaukee during the Spring and Summer at the Henry Maier Festival Park, PrideFest is held on the first or second weekend of June each year. PrideFest has its primary office here at the Center.


Sojourner Family Peace Center is the largest nonprofit provider of domestic violence prevention and intervention services in Wisconsin, serving over 9,500 clients each year. Sojourner provides an array of support aimed at helping families affected by domestic violence achieve safety, justice and well-being.


The overall mission of Veterans for Diversity is 1) to bring awareness to and educate Lesbian, Gay, Bi-Sexual and Transgender veterans of the Veterans Administration programs that are targeted to their specific needs; 2) to consolidate information important to these veterans and give national awareness and education about programs that may not be known by all LGBT veterans; and , 3) to provide educational resources that may be needed to pursue benefits they are entitled to.


The mission of this Alliance is to establish and maintain a society of Deaf LGBT people to encourage and promote their educational, economical and social welfare; to foster fellowship; to defend their rights; and to advance their interests as Deaf LGBT citizens concerning social justice; to build up an organization in which all worthy members may participate in the discussion of practical problems and solutions related to their social welfare.



The Milwaukee LGBT Community Center is a registered 501(c)(3) organization. In adherence with transparency standards, our recent financial statements and IRS Form 990 filings are available for public viewing upon request.

To learn more about making a gift to the Center, please click here.


Our Supporters

Many of the Milwaukee LGBT Community Center’s services and programs would not be possible without the generous support of private and corporate foundations and philanthropic programs. The Center is truly grateful to the following institutions for their generous support of our work and the LGBT community.

Grant Sponsors

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Facilities Maintenance provided by

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