Our Trans Family Project

ourtransfamiliesPhotographs of Transgender People and Their Families


The purpose of this project is to foster greater understanding about people who identify as transgender in Southeastern WisconsinFor the purpose of this project we will also include the broad range of people who identify as “gender fluid” and do not identify with a binary definition of their gender.

At Issue

Despite many recent advancements and a greater public visibility for some, transgender individuals still experience regular discrimination in the areas of employment, housing, public accommodations, and schools.

This Project

Working with several organizations representing the broad range of transgender people in Wisconsin, “For Good” Photography will interview and photograph between twenty and thirty people and their families in the transgender community.  In interviews with leaders in the transgender community we have been encouraged to focus our attention for this project on transgender people and their families.  We will define family as either their natural family or their family of choice.  The emphasis on this project will be to create images and text that capture the worth and dignity of transgender people in an effort to create a better understanding of the basic humanity of transgender people.  While the emphasis of this project will be to show the worth and dignity of people in the transgender community it is not an effort to stress assimilation.  Rather it is an effort to show people in the transgender community as they express themselves and with the support of their natural or chosen families of support.

 “For Good” Photography

“For Good” Photography is a collaborative effort by three experienced documentary photographers, Jeff Pearcy, Meredith Watts, and Rikki Thompson.  All three photographers are experienced in producing long term projects on time and on budget.

We work strictly with non-profit organizations in an effort to tell the compelling story of the organization’s work in photographs.


“For Good” Photography has produced similar projects with tremendous success.  In 2007 “Shall Not Be Recognized” an exhibit of thirty prints of same sex couples was produced by Jeff Pearcy.  This project has had over thirty gallery installations, produced a book, and produced one thousand cds for distribution across the country.

We invite interested parties to visit the website www.forgoodphotography.com to see a range of projects that have been completed.


It is anticipated that the issue of discrimination against transgender people will continue for many years.  However, it has become a significant issue in the current political climate.  For that reason, the goal will be to produce the work for completion by September 15, 2016.


  • “For Good” Photography will produce between twenty and thirty framed images ready for gallery display. Images will fit into shipping containers to facilitate delivery to a variety of galleries.
  • “For Good” Photography will produce a slide presentation that can be used as a teaching tool to raise awareness.
  • “For Good” Photography will make the photographers on the project available for gallery talks, presentations, or class discussions on the project.
  • At the completion of the project, the electronic images and text will be released for use by any organization to assist in education and awareness.


The following individuals and organizations have provided grants or donations to “For Good” Photography for this project:

  • Jeff and Jerilyn Pearcy
  • Meredith Watts and Simone Ferro
  • Rikki Thompson

Advisory Organizations

The following organizations have provided guidance in the development of the project and recruitment of individuals who are part of this project.  (We will add names as the organizations give us permission)

  • Fair Wisconsin
  • Cream City Foundation