Voices of Pride

The University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee (UWM) Archives and the Milwaukee LGBT Community Center launched “Voices of Pride,” a community-based project that captures the stories of Milwaukee LGBT leaders, organizers, and everyday people. Interview subjects share stories about coming out, Pride celebrations, LGBT community, and struggles for full civil rights.

The Milwaukee LGBT History Project conducted the interviews in 2003 and 2007. The UWM Archives permanently stores the original recordings and recently made arrangements to digitize them. The Milwaukee LGBT Community Center helps to make sure that they are accessible to the local community by hosting them on its website.

Susan Cook, an early organizer of pride events, discusses coming out to her family.

Donna Burkett, an African American LGBT activist, details her reasons for attempting to marry her partner in 1971.

Ron Geiman, founder of In Step magazine, discusses being gay in the military.

Holly Loveland, who moved to Wisconsin to work, discusses discovering Milwaukee’s LGBT community.

Cathy McConnell, in discussion with her partner Lorrie Neuendorf, remembers becoming .

aware of her sexuality and trying to meet lesbians at bars.

Janice Warren, an LGBT activist, discusses experiencing racial and sexual discrimination at LGBT bars.


The full collection consists of fourteen interviews, and can be found in the Digital Collections of the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee.