Anti-Violence & Counseling

The Center is dedicated to reducing violence against LGBT individuals by providing support through community outreach, education and counseling. We provide assistance to victims of anti-LGBT violence by advocating on their behalf, encouraging and assisting with reporting and accompanying victims to medical exams or court appearances if requested. Ultimately, we’re as your support system during this difficult time. Below is a list of programs we offer:

Healthy Relationships Course • 18 and over
We believe that the strength and success of our community relies on healthy relationships. The goal of Healthy Relationships is to help participants to feel in charge of oneself and create a basis for connecting meaningfully, sustainable and lovingly with someone else. Healthy Relationships is a series of 6 FREE classes. Single individuals are welcome and encouraged to attend.

Advocacy for Victims and Survivors • 14 and over
Our Anti-Violence Program (AVP) provides crisis counseling, accompaniment to court or medical exams and advocacy, such as criminal justice and personal advocacy. Our program staff will serve as a liaison to law enforcement, legal proceedings, and related survivor support services. During advocacy on behalf of the client, AVP promotes development of greater awareness and sensitivity of LGBTQ issues specific to the client amongst involved entities.

Crisis Counseling and Stabilization • 14 and over
Counseling is offered during normal business hours Monday through Friday. A trained mental health professional is available by appointment to assist victims and survivors in stabilization following a sexual assault, incident of partner violence, hate crime, or other traumatic event, whether recent or resurfacing. All information will be kept confidential. Referrals to therapists in the community are optional and available upon request.

Community Education and Outreach
Raising awareness on violence against LGBTQ individuals is an important aspect of AVP programming. Staff and or volunteers are available to schedule community educational sessions around themes of anti-violence, working with LGBTQ survivors and other relevant topics.

Restraining Order Assistance 
An AVP Staff member is available by appointment to provide more information on filing a restraining order and assistance with completing forms.

If you’ve been a victim of a hate crime, we can help. A confident and voluntary form is available below. But, if you have further questions, an advocate is available to speak with you at by calling 414.292.3072.