Transgender Family Support Party

Community Support party for transgender 5-year-old, Ana. Ana loves the movie Frozen, arts and crafts, cupcakes, and stuffed animals. Her family is doing their absolute best to give her as much support and love as possible to be herself.

Right now, Ana’s family is still in the process of finding her a new school. Ana’s dad is still coming to terms with her being a girl and has just finally agreed to join the rest of the family at appointments with Ana’s gender therapist. Right now Ana and her older brother are going to be going to a Catholic school, but the school will not let Ana be herself.

This event will officially be happening at the LGBT Community Center from 12 pm -3 pm on Sunday 8/27/17. We’ll be sure to keep providing people with updates as we continue to plan this event. Trans/Gender Non-Conforming (GNC) individuals and families of Trans/Gender Non-Conforming (GNC) individuals and allies are welcome. Join us!

WhereMilwaukee LGBT Community Center
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