Success Stories

Whatever your age, whatever your interests, whatever your identity and orientation, there’s a place for you at the Center. The testimonies below prove that and we couldn’t be more proud.

As a gay senior, the Center is the perfect place to expand my network of friends. It’s also great to be at a place where we’re connecting with kids who are still sorting things out. I find it energizing and I think it’s good for the young people to interact with older folks who have struggled with the same issues many of them are experiencing…and then some…but have managed to build happy lives.” ~Jai Brett

When I was coming out, Project Q was a tremendous resource for me. Having a safe space and supportive community helped me overcome persona challenges and build confidence. The Center helped me become the person I am today.” ~Michael Raisler 

“As someone who cares about LGBT people who need help, I think supporting the Center is essential. And besides that, the TGIF parties are a blast! They bring together a very diverse mix of LGBT professionals – people I would probably have never met otherwise who are now my friends.” ~John Cassanos

“My coming out process happened relatively late in my life, and I was worried how it would affect my family. Through the Center, I got to know other people in the same situation who had made successful transitions. Their support helped me tremendously. Today I’m at the Center because I want to help other people who are facing challenges.” ~Andy Vila

“What originally brought me to the Center was my need for a social and support group to help me and my then spouse to develop an understanding of my gender identity issues and work through our feelings…The Center provides a safe space to meet that is affordable to the transgender community, many of whom have underpaying jobs or none whatsoever. It also affords a place for other LGBT community groups that I work with such as Lesbian Alliance, Forge and Women Out to Brunch, to meet and connect.” ~Valery Jean Meyer

“After I came out in high school, there were times when I was homeless. The people at Project Q helped me find housing and feel safe. Now I’m going to college because of the help from the staff and volunteers there who supported me.” ~Robert (Robbie) Moore