Our dedicated and experienced team all have a passion for building and strengthening the LGBTQ Community. Our team is here for you. To get a staff member’s email address, click on their name below.

Board Co-Chairs, Rick Derksen and Tina Kreitlow
Interim Executive Directors

Cathy Seasholes
Interim Director of Client Services

Natalie Zanoni
Director of Client & Program Services

Brandon Herr
Director of Community Engagement

Katie Obbink
Volunteer Librarian

Jeremy Hanson
Art Gallery Curator

Dhanya Nair
Counseling and Advocacy Coordinator

Shelley Gregory
Transgender Resource Specialist

Larry Pardo
Manager of Youth Programs

Catina Cole
Youth Counselor Advocate

Syd Robinson
LGBTQ Advocate

Henri Gutierrez
Community Engagement Coordinator/ Public Ally

Accounting Department